Financial crisis faced by Tourism in Australia

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Financial crisis faced by Tourism in Australia by Mind Map: Financial crisis faced by Tourism in Australia

1. Strategies to deal with the effects of the financial crisis on tourism.

1.1. Stimulus package to urge people to go away for holiday.

1.2. Focusmarketing on better

1.3. Focus more on quality of customeimprovingr service.

1.4. Extending transport system infrastructure

1.5. Address labour shortages.

1.6. Better use of technology- programs help customers to book online more easily.

1.7. People should start to save money.

2. Negative aspect

2.1. The decreasing of tourist

2.1.1. Less spending on tourism by consumers and government.

2.1.2. Low hotel occupancy rate.

2.1.3. Shattered consumers’ confidence

2.1.4. Higher unemployment in tourism.

2.1.5. Less interstate travel.

3. Positive aspect

3.1. Local communities - can gain a greater share of market as competitors pull back.

3.2. The intrastate market will benefit

3.3. Weaker Australia dollar-stronger domestic travel.

3.4. Australia long-term tourism growth pattern

3.4.1. More modest

3.4.2. More solid

3.4.3. More responsible

4. Factors contributing to the financial crisis in Australia

4.1. Bad loans

4.2. Prices of houses too high

4.2.1. People could not afford large sums of money to buy houses

4.3. Householders responded by cutting their discretionary spending.