Arts Faculty

This map is in response to looking at the performance and exhibition events ran by the arts faculty

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Arts Faculty by Mind Map: Arts Faculty

1. Proposed Meeting Flow

1.1. 1. HoDs of Art Music and Drama meet discuss the need to coordinate all arts events - go back to Subject areas to decide on what events are to be proposed for the following year.

1.2. 2.All Arts event organisers to meet to look at submissions from all stake holders to propose events within subjects with HoDs

1.3. 3. Agreed list of all events arrived at

1.4. 4. Shared with Principals - feedback requested

1.5. 5. Look at scheduling and Facilties needs

2. Arts Meeting group decisions

2.1. Big Question! Does it make sense that we discuss these Arts activities? (yes)

2.2. How does AAC fit with the fac? it is huge with parents etc

2.3. What do the PS MS and the HS want?

2.4. How can we better use the enthusiasm for Culturama?

2.4.1. Run more events on the some night? exhibitions, music, drama performances

2.4.2. Could many smaller performances and exhibitions be running across the HS and MS at this time?

2.4.3. Is Culterama our Premier event? - in many ways it is already so why fight that lets add to it!

2.5. Are there events that we should not run every year?

2.6. What events should stay are defining and need to be regularly staged?

2.7. Is Culurama personnel driven? I suspect it would it run without Yoshi we would need to replace her the demand is strong to keep running this event

2.8. Is AAC personal driven - would it run without Anna? - hope so

2.8.1. Can it be staged another way for art classes - cheaper and more relevant to the learning program? (more integrated)

2.9. What events should be modified?

3. We should bring these events well inside the Arts faculty (?) with the same people driving them - however with a shared vision of the larger faculty. or should AAC continue as it is - a school event?

3.1. Asian Arts and Culture week - is a good initiative and should be ran within the faculty with virtually no cost. In HS and MS the subjects themselves can run culture based activities within the chosen week followed by an event of sharing organised by Anna if she is happy to do this. One other outside performing group could be brought in. The primary school could require and outside organiser (Anna) we need to have that conversation.

3.2. Cuturama has recently joined the Arts Faculty. I have met with Yoshi and Erik both have expressed that they are happy with this arrangement. Hugh and Nick have also given their agreement. My plan is to this year - soon, to first agree on the events schedule for the Arts. Yoshi want to add another dance event more focused on the semi pro dancers - this has some merit. Once we have agreed on the events we will then set about to schedule them on the calendar. Once this is done it will be a team effort to see that each of these events run successfully with student experiences at the centre of all decision making. I think this will make a big difference to the way the events are run and provide efficiencies with regard to facilities.

4. Arts Events

4.1. Events ran outside the Faculty

4.1.1. Asia Arts Culture week Anna

4.1.2. Culturama Dance - Yoshi

4.2. Ran within the Faculty

4.2.1. Exhibitions

4.2.2. Performances - Music

4.2.3. Productions - Drama

4.2.4. Film events in the future

5. Curriculum

5.1. Is developed within the full academic subjects with some coordination required on issues such as introduction of new subjects.

5.1.1. Art Middle School Art

5.1.2. Drama

5.1.3. Music

5.1.4. Dance (sometime)

5.1.5. Film

5.1.6. Graphics - should this be another separate department? are there others in the Fac that should be considered and discussed?

6. If all arts events come under the one faculty, is an opportunity for a secretary and/or a Arts co-ordinator (professional event organiser) to be employed, plan and organise the events with all key parties - SSc

7. Music