Romantic Drama Code and Conventions

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Romantic Drama Code and Conventions by Mind Map: Romantic Drama Code and Conventions

1. Love interests are normally seen as straight, for example The Vow, Dear John and Titanic. this trailer for The Vow which shows who the love. Channing Tatums character and Rachel McAdams characters Paige and Leo. There are codes and conventions which are symbolic in trailers, for example: Dear John’s trailer , when John and Savannahs love is portrayed at the very start, there’s simple, gentle colours used, such as soft pinks, baby blues and the nudity of skin can portray the love throughout the film which shows their purity and their simplicity. Another convention used is the technical areas such as the camera work. There normally loads of cuts and fades in and out. The The Notebook trailer, which uses lots of fades. This shows that the use of fades represents the love is like heaven which is shown in the film. Without the quick cuts, its more smoother which romance films should be. uses cuts as camera work. This is used to show the element of drama.

2. I will be doing a hybrid genre: Romance and Drama. Here are some examples of some Romance Drama films... Examples of Romance, Drama, • Titanic • The Vow • Dear John • The Notebook • The Bodyguard • The Last Song • P.S I Love You • Remember Me • The Reader Ruby Sparks How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

3. Also a major factor in trailers is the whole narrative. There is normally a narrative structure used I watched the trailer for the Vow and the trailer for The Lucky One

4. The props usually used in Romantic dramas : -Flowers -- -Chocolates -Presents -Nice clothes/swimwear -Car -Mobile phone -Photography -Love Hearts

5. The typical Action usually used in a Romantic Drama : -Boy meets girl/Girl meets boy -Boy and girl grow close to each other -Boy and girl fall in love or one of them does and has unrequited love for other -Boy and girl are pulled apart by a betrayal, tragedy, jealousy, mistake -A period of time where the boy and girl or just one of them are mourning the loss of the other -Boy and girl are pulled together by some spontaneous decision -Boy and girl are reunited (although they may remain apart)

6. The typical character types usually seen in a Romantic Drama : -The male/female are the lead character -The friends of both of the main characters -The family members of the main characters -The competitor for one of the main characters affections (usually male)

7. the typical sound/Music usually heard in a Romantic Drama : -Piano solos that can transform from melancholy to happiness -Brief dialogue in parts maybe more in others - Some narration to help explain scenes -Songs that are typically related to relationships and breakups.

8. The cinematography/editing usually seen in a Romantic Drama : -Flash backs of the past. Not used in all romantic dramas but are usually used to help give some background to the characters -Few editing techniques used as the film is based mainly on reality -Many different shots of the main characters apart and together