Effective Delivery of Persuasive speech

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Effective Delivery of Persuasive speech by Mind Map: Effective Delivery of Persuasive speech

1. Eye Contact

1.1. People would be more engaged in your speech

1.2. Won't be distracted

2. Gestures

2.1. Makes your speech more interesting

2.2. Enhances your speech

2.3. Creates emphasis

2.4. However, unnecessary hand gestures might be distracting and annoying to audience.

3. Controlling Anxiety

3.1. Prevents people from getting distracted by anything else other than your speech

3.2. A more fluent delivery

4. Apppropriate pauses

4.1. Creates emphasis

4.2. Allows audience to think and reflect

5. Body language

5.1. People take you more seriously

5.2. Appears to be more confident, thus convincing.

6. Podiums

6.1. Makes you seem more authorative

6.2. Stands out from audience

6.3. Blocks you from flying objects!

7. Effective content

7.1. Makes speech relevant