Rocket event proposal

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Rocket event proposal by Mind Map: Rocket event proposal

1. 5Ws

1.1. Themes and ideas

1.1.1. We had 3 ideas Suggested plces Rocket bar

1.2. Overall theme

1.3. Site assessment

1.4. Risks and hazards

1.5. Resources required

1.6. Marketing and promotional services

1.6.1. Marketing and promotion Flyers Print black and white Place on student boards Group on Facebook Invitations in classes 2 min presentations Target audience

1.7. Possible sponsorship

1.7.1. Sponsors Local caffees for a free coffee vouchers

1.8. Budget

1.8.1. £100

1.9. Control management

1.10. Shedules

1.10.1. Factors in choice of date Thursday No similar type of events on the date

1.11. Environmental impact

2. Scope of work

2.1. Research

2.1.1. Venue research For our event Rocket is most suitable Considered - Seminar class, outdoor event

2.1.2. Transport and accessablity Tube till 12pm Busses all night

2.2. Design(concept)

2.2.1. Rocket design Keep what is in place Do not decorate Move furniture away

2.3. Planning (budget schedule)

2.3.1. Expenditure £10 for flyers

2.3.2. Income Genetate £400 100 people buy tickets Still have £90 left from our budget

2.3.3. Budget £100

2.4. Coordination

2.4.1. Our team Responsibilities Tomas Mariana Damiano Iggy Work breakdown On the day The week of event Staff required 2 people at the door Security man

2.5. Evaluation