Argumentative essay

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Argumentative essay by Mind Map: Argumentative essay

1. Introduction

1.1. introducing the topic

1.1.1. e.g. "The aim of this essay is to demonstrate..."

1.2. providing some background information

1.2.1. e.g. "In recent years considerable reasearch was done in the field of..."

1.3. giving a reason why the issue affects the reader

1.3.1. e.g. "Almost all of us would benefit from..."

2. Main body

2.1. Start with an opinion

2.1.1. e.g. "In my view..."

2.2. Add additional explanations

2.2.1. e.g. "In fact, ..."

2.3. Summarise what you have said at the end

2.3.1. e.g. "This all sugests that ..."

2.4. Begin your second paragraph with a contrast

2.4.1. e.g. "However, ..."

3. Conclusion

3.1. Summarise your point of view of the topic

3.1.1. e.g. "As we have seen ..."

3.2. Perhaps recommend future action

3.2.1. e.g. "It might also be interesting to see ..."