Communication Skills

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Communication Skills by Mind Map: Communication Skills

1. Poor Examples of Active listening skills:

1.1. Being distracted and not listening to the speaker

1.2. Pretending to listening but not really getting the message

1.3. You hear only what you want to hear

1.4. Planning what you want to say while the other person is talking

2. Good examples of Active listening skills

2.1. Looking at the speaker

2.2. Leaning forward and Nodding

2.3. Make eye contract from time to time

2.4. paying attention to what the speaker is saying

2.5. Encouraging the speaker to continue

2.6. using facial expressions that demonstrate interest

2.7. Asking questions for claifcation

3. listening skills

3.1. We should listen while someone is talking because what if it's something important that we need to learn for example when i had a job my boss was doing a presentation about shift changes but i wasn't listening to what he was saying.

3.2. while a presentation is in session we should listen with our ears,mind, and body

3.3. good listening skills is keeping your ears available when someone is talking to you. example : your ,boss,mother.father,kookum.grandpa, YOUR KIDS

4. no listening skills

4.1. when someone is talking you talk to you friend / buddy

4.2. while someone is talking you don't pay attention to what has been said

4.3. being distracted while the speaker is talking

4.4. not caring for what the speaker is saying

5. poor listening skills can get us no where

6. perfect listening skills can lead us some where

7. Talking tips

7.1. watch your timing

7.2. get their full attention

7.3. use i messages

7.4. keep your cool