Qualities of effective essays

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Qualities of effective essays by Mind Map: Qualities of effective essays

1. Mr. Norton: varied sentence length (2A)

2. Making a strong argument and having effective support. The first essay (8) does the best job of this. Its also structured well for easier reading. The second one (5) is the middle and the third is the lowest with a score of a 3

3. Using quotes that support and back up the claims made in each paragraph

3.1. 2b=7 b/c they had time to edit or not

3.1.1. 2c= 4 b/c they didnt even begin with talking about the subject given to them

4. 2A is a 7 because it had good explanations, complex points and flowed nicely. Spencer is cute

5. The first one is a 6.25 because it started out strong, but eventually went off topic. Not as many effective examples. The second is a 6.375 because it didn't use good vocab and great analysis of text. The last is a 5 because it didn't form a well argument and strayed from the topic.

6. We give the first one a seven because they showed that they understood the prompt by giving examples and explaining them. We give the second one a four because it did not quite answer the prompt but they had a good argument and provided examples. We give the last one a two because they did not answer the prompt at all and they did not get to the main purpose.

7. We gave the first one a 7 because it had a strong argument and used good examples to support the claim. We gave the second one a 5 because it was less specific because it wasn't as focused on the prompt and didn't explain how the quotes supported his claim well enough. We gave the third one a 3 because it wasn't focused on the topic and didn't provide adequate evidence. The qualities of an effective essay really are just being able to use examples, be effective with this and backing up a claim with specific details. Rhetoric devices like parallelism can also be used.

8. I wish Dylan was here today

9. He could be since this is being done on-line.

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