The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner by Mind Map: The Kite Runner

1. Wreckless

1.1. Destructive

1.1.1. Ruined and took over Kabul

2. Rahim Khan's call to Amir from Afghanistan

2.1. There's a way to be good again

2.1.1. Rahim knew about Hassan's rape

2.1.2. Rahim explains to Amir that he and Hassan are half brothers Hassan becomes angry with Baba Feels sense of guilt for Hassan's death

2.2. Feels guilty for Hassan and wifes death

3. Characters

3.1. Baba

3.1.1. Amir Soraya General Taheri Amir's beautiful wife "My body was broken-just how bad i wouldn't find out until later. But i felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed."

3.1.2. Hassan Farzana Hassan's loving wife "For you, a thousand times over." Loyal Ali Baba and Amir's servant

3.1.3. "A boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up for anything." Amir's father Heroic, and looked up too in Kabul Well known and well trusted business man

3.2. Rahim Khan

3.2.1. "There is a way to be good again." Lives with Hassan and family in Kabul Hassan and Farzana get shot

3.2.2. Baba's best friend Trustworthy Looks for the best in people

3.3. Assef

3.3.1. "It's just a hazara." Feels superior Rape Join's the Taliban

3.4. Farid

3.4.1. Amir's faithful driver Shows him what Afghanistan has turned into once the Taliban took over Shows support for Amir

4. Symbols

4.1. The Hairlip

4.1.1. Soraya Amir's wife Reminds him of Hassan

4.1.2. Hassan Born with one Baba pays for surgery for removal

4.2. The kite

4.2.1. Amir feels accomplishment Baba is proud of him

4.2.2. Hassan gets kite for Amir Shows loyalty Gets raped

4.2.3. Hassan runs kite for Amir Amir runs kite for Sohrab

4.3. Brassknuckles

4.3.1. Assef uses them to threaten Amir and Hassan Hassan saves Amir with his slingshot Sohrab saves Amir from Assef with slingshot

4.3.2. Assef uses them against Amir Nearly kills him

5. Redemption

5.1. Amir rescues Sohrab from Assef

5.1.1. Takes him back home to San Fransisco with him and Soraya

5.2. Baba's cancer

5.2.1. Amir takes care of him Proves to be a strong, independent man Ask's General Taheri for Soraya's hand in marriage

6. Discrimination

6.1. Afghanistan

6.1.1. Pashtuns Wealthy, superior Baba

6.1.2. Hazaras Inferior slaves Ali

6.2. The Taliban

6.2.1. Controlling Instruct strict inhumane rules Strip culture away from Afghans

7. Settings

7.1. Kabul, Afghanistan

7.1.1. 2001 Taliban takes over Turns into corruption

7.1.2. 1963-1981 Baba is a known and admired business man Live in a large beautiful home Sense of home back in Kabul Amir first lays eyes on Soraya

7.2. Freemont, California

7.2.1. Baba and Amir work at gas station Lose authority Experience loss in trust and culture shock

7.2.2. Flea Market

7.2.3. Amir adapts well Baba struggles with change in culture Feels inferior Gives him a sense of relief New beginnings

7.2.4. Amir graduates college

7.3. San Fransisco

7.3.1. Amir and Soraya live there Bring Sohrab home there Safe place

7.3.2. Amir get's a job there Become's a published writer