World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. about 900 people practice Hinduism

1.2. one of the worlds oldest religions

1.3. they had a caste system which is like a social class

1.4. believe in reincarnation

1.5. everything came and happened from Brahman

1.6. plants and animals are sometimes scared there like the cow

1.7. Samus are a life cycle

1.8. we have karma which are thoughts and actions good or bad

1.9. a bindi is a dot on a girls forehead

1.10. Nirvana is where you go when you die if you lived a good life

1.11. before you enter a temple you need to wash your feet

1.12. temples are sacred places

2. Buddhism

2.1. Named after budda meaning Enlighted One

2.2. Siddhartha realized things in life like there is misery in life.

2.3. He found out that he needed to give up his things to be happy

2.4. he wanted to know why and meditated or thought hardly

2.5. The two largest know Theravada and Mahayana

2.6. The 4 Noble truths: suffering is a pat of life, suffering comes from desire, there is an end to suffering, and The noble Eightfold path

2.7. Dharma and Kharma

2.8. Reincarnation it is based on Kharma of your life before. When you end your life you go to Nirvana and The Buddha was the first to reach Nirvana.

2.9. The spiral leader is called a Dhala lama.

2.10. You should serve you community

3. Christianity

3.1. The worlds largest religoun

3.2. Jesus is the center

3.3. Jesus was monotheisic

3.4. Jesus was a jew

3.5. He was nailed to the cross to help save the people who sin

3.6. on easter Jesus was reserected and he was aloive

3.7. The Protest had Catholic, Baptist, and Lutheran.

3.8. the Trinity is the belief of The Father The son and the holey spirit.

3.9. The bible is a collection of sacred writing of scared beliefs

3.10. Places of worship: Church, sanctuary.

3.11. Baptism is a way to the spiritual life.

3.12. the Lords Prayer.

3.13. When Baptised you can be baptized as a baby or when you are ready.

3.14. Christmas and Easter are important in the Christian religious.

3.15. Jesus was a jew

4. Judaism

4.1. monotheism- belief in one God

4.2. They were first to be monotheistic

4.3. used the bible

4.4. Abraham started the religious leader

4.5. The were slaves God promised to free them Moses was their leader.

4.6. The 10 command meths was the center piece of the Jews

4.7. Jews were persecuted

4.8. in the late 1800 and 1900 their was a bad time lots of people were killed to keep population down so they have less power

4.9. In 1938 Adolf Hitler started killing Jews and sending them to concentration camps to kill them. In the Holocaust about 6 million

4.10. Jews feel its important to learn Hebrew so they can read Holy writing

4.11. God came first to the Jews and the think the Torah is and important book they study and worship the book and what God wants them to do.

4.12. They go to the Sin a Gog to worship

4.13. They use a yamika

4.14. Follow the one AND ONLY God.

4.15. 3 branches of Jews

4.16. they keep kosher

5. Islam

5.1. Islam means surrender

5.2. About 1 6th of the world is mu-slum

5.3. Muslims opened the first hospitals and created algebra

5.4. they pray 5 times a day

5.5. the pillars are their guide lines

5.6. they have to travel to Mecca at least once in there liftimes

5.7. They are very close to God

5.8. They worship at the Mask

5.9. Women have to cover their hair in the mask

5.10. they bow to God in their prayers

5.11. they study the Koran

5.12. They cannot eat pork or drink alcohol

5.13. the Hadith was a guide book

5.14. if they lived a good life they go to a good place and if they are bad they go to a place of badness

5.15. when they have a baby they weight the hair and the weight is how much gold they give to the needy