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1. Disadvantages Of Reservoirs

2. The local catchment, meaning reservoirs, are dependent on the rainfall in Singapore. As the annual rainfall fluctuates, so does the amount of water collected in our 17 reservoirs around Singapore. If we experience a drought, this National Tap will be heavily affected. As it accounts for 50% of Singapore's total water needs, this may be a serious problem if a hiccup in local catchment occurs. Yearly, we experience dry spells throughout the June-August period of time, affecting our water supply during these months. The reservoirs also take up a huge amount of valuable space in Singapore. They occupy 2/3 of Singapore's limited land space of 704km^2. Singapore is currently the 2nd most densely populated country in the world, right behind Monaco. We have 5.312 million people, so land is scarce. Thus precious land space used up for local catchment is a big problem in Singapore

3. Advantages Of Reservoirs

3.1. Wildlife

3.2. If there is a Drought, the reservoirs will still have a relatively constant supply of water.

4. Types Of Reservoirs

5. Functions of Resrvior

6. History of Reservoirs

7. Five thousand years ago,craters of extinct volcanoes were used by farmers in Arabia as reservoirs to conserve water.

8. The dry climate and water scarcity in India led to early development of water management techniques, including the building of a reservoir at Girnar in 3000 BC.

9. These techniques is then used in modern cities such as Singapore.