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Website & Mobile Site by Mind Map: Website & Mobile Site
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Website & Mobile Site

Website Marketing Add - On's

Instant Chat

Book Now

Email Signup Box

Social Media Icons - Connected

Video Page Linked To YouTube Channel


Custom Feedback/Review Page

Testimonial Page or Sidebar

Set Up Google Analytics

Set Up Google Webmaster Tools

Google My Business

Build Out And Brand Pages

Build Out & Connect YouTube Channel

Google Business View - Virtual Tour Of Business


Video Tutorials

Review Videos

Answer Comments To Your Videos

Connect YouTube Channel To Google My Business Page

Optimize All Video Descriptions

Social Media


Google My Business



Other Social Media Sites

Directory Reviews Monitoring

We Offer 24/7 Directory Monitoring For All Of the Top 28 Directories, Along With Your Feedback Review Page(s)

Create An Icon Link To The Directories On Your Website

Instant Email Review Alerts

CRM System For DIY'ers - Track, Monitor And Respond To All Your Online Reviews From One Central Dashboard.

Getting Reviews

Mobile Kiosk

Feedback Page

SMS and/or Emails To Customers or Clients Asking For Reviews

Include A Link To 1 or More Directories In Your Email Newsletters

Print Business Cards For The Sole Purpose Of Asking For A Reviews. Put A Direct Link To 1 Directory via A QR Code To Make It Easy For Your Customer or Client To Place A Review For You.

Include Links On Your Website

Tracking & Monitoring

Track Your Competition

Track Your Website Rankings For Keywords And Phrases

We offer Monthly Report Of All Of The Top Directories

Claiming & Maintaining Directories

Claim & Buildout All Top Directories

Verify Correct Citations

Answer All Of Your Reviews...Positive or Negative

Feedback/Review Page - Send People That Post A Negative Review To Your Feedback Page So They Can Tell You More About Their Problem 678-574-9222

Online Marketing

Google My Business

Social Media Marketing

Website & Mobile Website Development

Reputation Marketing

Directories - Claim, Build & Monitor 24/7