Plant Cells

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Plant Cells by Mind Map: Plant Cells

1. Chloroplast- Disk-shapes organelle containing chlorophyll/where photosysnthesis takes place

1.1. Stroma- It is located in between the grana and is apart of the chlroplast.

1.1.1. Grana -Stack of Thykaloid within the chloroplast

2. Chlorophyll - a molocule that uses photosynthesis

2.1. Photosynthesis -Converts light into food/takes place on a Thykaloid

2.1.1. Light-Dendent Reactions Water Glucose Light Sun

2.1.2. Light-Independent Reactions C02 ATP (adenosine triphosphate) NADPH

2.2. Pigment

2.3. Green

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3. Thykaloid - disk-shaped membrane structures in chloroplast