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Bergenfest Thursday June 11, 2015 by Mind Map: Bergenfest
Thursday June 11, 2015
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5

Bergenfest Thursday June 11, 2015


A bit chilly but no rain


Our Program

1730 - Grace Jones

1900 - Matthew E. White

2000 - First Aid Kit

2115 - Interpol

2230 - Patti Smith


Grace Jones

still funky after all these years, heavily paintet & partly nude., Solid & fascinating, but not my (Egil) cup of tea really

3/6 - Egil

4/6 - Hallgeir

Matthew E. White

..shit, this was way more heavy than expected. And a brilliant cover of Velvet Underground's classic "White Light/White Heat", Would had appreciated a more soulful sound, still a good concert., Highlights, Vision, White Light/White Heat, Steady Pace

4/6 - Egil

5/6 - Hallgeir

First Aid Kit

Good performance, but I feel they only got a few great songs.. fascinating cover of Black Sabbath's classic "War Pigs", Highlights, The Lion's Roar, My Silver Lining, Emmylou

4/6 - Egil

4/6 - Hallgeir


Boring and a really bad vocal performance.., Great & enthusiastic audience though


Patti Smith

What a thrill to see one of our greatest heroines again. All "Horses" and then some more. This GREAT artist still shines bright (silver grey) and leaves us breathless. Poesi & Rock'n Roll fused to perfection., Highlights, Gloria, Land (fused with Gloria), My (fuckin') Generation, best performance @ Bergenfest this day

5/6 - Egil, strong.. but some of the songs from "Horses" were a little too.. average

6/6 - Hallgeir


SO Great to back @ this lovely festival!

This is the 4th consecutive year we're reporting from Bergenfest... always a thrill!

A couple solid concerts & one Great., first day atmosphere & adrenaline pulls this up to a...., 5/6