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BW/Incoterms by Mind Map: BW/Incoterms

1. Groups

1.1. E: departure

1.1.1. exw: ex works

1.2. F: main carriage unpaid

1.2.1. fob: free on board

1.3. C: main carriage paid

1.3.1. cif: cost, insurance, freight

1.4. D: arrival

1.4.1. ddp: delivered duty paid

1.5. Visualisation (Quelle: Wikimedia)

2. E-group

3. F-group

4. C-group

5. D-group

6. Origin and purpose

6.1. Devised and published by the...

6.2. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris.

6.3. Meant to devide transaction costs and ....

6.4. ...risks between buyer an seller.

7. Incoterms, step by step