Ludwig van Beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven by Mind Map: Ludwig van Beethoven

1. Famous Works

1.1. Fifth Symphony

1.2. Ninth Symphony

1.3. Moonlight Sonata

1.4. The Pathetique Sonata

2. Important Dates

2.1. December 16, 1770- Ludwig van Beethoven is born in Bonn, Germany

2.2. May 14, 1789- Beethoven enrolls at the Bonn University

2.3. 1799- Beethoven composes his first symphony

2.4. 1794- First signs of deafness arrive

2.5. 1799- Composes Symphony No. 1

2.6. 1823- Finishes Ninth Symphony

2.7. March 26, 1827, Ludwig van Beethoven passes away

3. Childhood and Early History

3.1. Beethoven spent the majority of his childhood at a piano practicing due to his father's relentless attempt to make Beethoven a prodigy.

3.2. On March 26, 1788, Beethoven performed at his very first concert. He was just eight years old.

3.3. His mother, unfortunately passed when he was just 17 in 1787. Shortly after, his father did too in 1792

3.4. Wrote an immense amount of music for his young age, composing over ten major works before he turned 18.

4. Education

4.1. Beethoven's very first teacher was a piano instructor named Christian Gottlieb Neefe

4.2. In 1789, Beethoven enrolls in the Bonn University

4.3. Shortly after spending time at Bonn, Beethoven takes a long trip to Vienna to study with Mozart and Haydn.