Intro to Functional Reactive Programming

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Intro to Functional Reactive Programming by Mind Map: Intro to Functional Reactive Programming

1. Speaker

1.1. Don Huff

1.2. independent consultant on iOS dev

1.3. 20+ years of dev experience

1.3.1. banking

1.3.2. real estate

1.3.3. stocks

1.3.4. @CodeWithoutFear

2. Functional

2.1. focuses on "what" not "how"

2.1.1. think math, f(x)

2.2. unix command line tools

2.3. reduce mutable state

2.4. prefer function composition over type creation

3. Reactive

3.1. push-based stream of data values delivered asynchronously

3.1.1. sensor output, mouse clicks, screen taps etc

3.1.2. subscribe, next, complete Error

3.2. A set of primitive operations

3.2.1. map

3.2.2. filter

3.2.3. take

3.3. sequential and parallel combinations or pipelines

4. Demo

4.1. ALL swift

4.2. very painful