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Our Energy by Mind Map: Our Energy

1. Internal Energy

1.1. Self

1.2. Our personal energy

1.3. For me: Managed and supplemented by

1.3.1. Reiki Master

1.3.2. Tai Chi Instructor

1.3.3. Meditation Focussing in a world of distraction Buddhist Bodhisattva Jewish

1.3.4. Kabbalah Kabbalist Graphic Kabbalah

1.3.5. African Djembe Drumming Instructor

1.3.6. My Philosophy "Working to make myself redundant"

2. External Energy

2.1. The energy we consume to live

2.1.1. Electricity

2.1.2. Food

2.1.3. Oxygen

2.2. The energy we can create to help others to live

2.2.1. Love

2.2.2. Electricity, Food, Oxygen

2.3. Relationships

2.3.1. Internal and External

3. About me

4. About us

4.1. About me

4.1.1. I'm in the energy business

4.2. About you

4.2.1. You're in the energy business

4.3. Energy use

4.3.1. I think: We both want to reduce our energy use

4.3.2. We both want to reduce our energy waste

4.3.3. We both want to reduce our waste

5. Interactions

5.1. Our relationship with each other

5.1.1. How we interact with each other


5.2.1. My BLOG

5.3. My Power Station web site

5.3.1. = MyCapabilityStation

5.3.2. Although its about Power Generation, it's also about My Personal Power and Me Wanting to share it with you and wanting you to share yours (your energy, power, love) with me

5.3.3. It's also about Working to make Waste Redundant

5.3.4. And I show you steps to reduce your environmental impact = Rapid Environmental Footprint Reduction

5.4. Orbital Decisions

5.4.1. My Software Development Business

5.5. Free Life On Earth (FLOE)

5.5.1. Where I spend my charitable time

5.5.2. Helping to reduce our environmental impact

5.5.3. Helping to reduce our cost of living

5.5.4. Helping to reduce our cost on earth

5.5.5. Helping to increase our quality of life

5.6. Social Networking