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H2BOM by Mind Map: H2BOM

1. Good management is about trust, routine and communication

1.1. Gardening - nurturing, tending, weeding

1.2. Not about explosions and volcanoes - more like the slow movement of tectonic plates - gardening versus fire fighting

1.3. How many of you feel that you are well informed about what is happening in your workplace?

1.3.1. How many of your reports feel that they are well informed?

1.4. Provide a routine structure for developing and maintaining robust communication, strong relationships and trust

1.5. Make the transition from fire-fighting to gardening

1.5.1. It is about carving out time for tasks and project work

1.5.2. Take time to make time

1.6. Without regular 121s people WILL feel disconnected and isolated

1.6.1. they will create a reason to get 'face time' with you

1.7. 121 can be the key to unlock more discretionary effort and commitment

1.8. Coaching, monitoring, supporting, developing, giving feedback

1.9. All Power is Trust

1.9.1. About reducing fear and increasing openness

1.9.2. Intent matters - you must have the right motivation

1.10. People want more feedback and information

2. Managers' Work

2.1. Service delivery

2.2. Management

2.2.1. People

2.2.2. Tasks

2.2.3. Processes

2.2.4. Looking for ways to accelerate progress

2.3. Special Projects