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1. Hardware/Networking

1.1. Wireless Security services

1.1.1. Wireless Range Extension

1.1.2. Wireless Surveillance system Cloud Back up/streaming Night Vision Wireless networking Setup

1.1.3. Wireless NAS

1.1.4. Wireless Networking

1.2. NAS

1.2.1. Auto Cloud backup ownCloud Amazon Web SErvices Other cloud services

2. Cloud Computing

2.1. Hosted Services

2.1.1. Google Apps for Business

2.1.2. Microsoft Office 365

2.2. Self Hosted Services

2.2.1. Data Storage only/Archive ownCloud

2.2.2. Web Services / Delivery Amazon Web Services Dream Objects Google Cloud Services Microsoft Azure

2.2.3. Email Hosting Forwarding / Archive Email Marketing

3. Digital Marketing

3.1. SEO

3.1.1. Social Media Marketing Keyword Research Research what people want Develop content plan Micro Blogging Blogging E commerce portal Photo Publishing 4 steps marketing plan Video Publishing User Review Direct Access/Bookmarks Other Social Media Platforms word pattern construction association Topic Ideas for content Rank according to popularity and resources Annual events Industry events Scheduling Content Web Automation Trend Calender

3.1.2. Local Directory Listings Google Google Business Page Google Plus Business Page Google Maps for Business Google Trusted Photography Yellow Pages local new zealand

3.2. Pay per Click

3.2.1. Google AdWords Keyword Search, Keyword Optimization for target market

3.3. Email

3.3.1. Mail Chimp

3.3.2. Amazon SES

4. Media Production

4.1. Video Production for Video Social Media

4.2. Professional Product Photography

4.3. Google Trusted Photographer

4.4. Google for business Key Points Photo for Maps, Google Plus & Google business listing

5. Materials for Marketing

5.1. Paper based

5.1.1. Stickers

5.1.2. Visiting Cards

5.2. Flex Vinyl

6. Online For Business

6.1. Facebook for business

6.2. Twitter for business

7. Digital Public Relations

7.1. Publishing Platforms

7.1.1. Document Docstoc I have to search for others as docstoc and scribd changed there business models Scribd

7.1.2. Slides/Powerpoint Authorstream SlideShare

7.2. pr articles Publishing Services (Use with Caution )

7.2.1. Many services please refer Web Marketing tools Google sheets

8. Design

8.1. Vector Graphics

8.1.1. Social Media Production/Content

8.1.2. Cloths Accessories Other merchandise

8.2. Catalog

8.2.1. Indesign

8.3. Business Cards

8.3.1. Printing options Horizontal Non Standard Size & Special Cut Vertical

8.3.2. Printing Finishes Coatings UV coating Other coatings Effects Embossed Metal Shine Ink Textured

8.3.3. Sides Single Double Four sided

8.3.4. Materials Plastic Paper

9. Custom social URLs

9.1. via website if wp

9.2. or vis social media platforms

10. SMS Marketing

10.1. Have to search for Providers in NZ