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Yes by Mind Map: Yes

1. Homework makes student to face depression as when the student doesn't know how to do it, he/she might feel like he/she is not good enough.

2. homework causes global warming

3. I agree that brings more harm than good to students because it is brain damaging. It might also lower the student's confidence level when they don't know their work. - CHARMANE

3.1. However teachers need homework to determine if their students are absorbing whatever that is being taught during class and students can only learn from the mistakes they make from their own homework...- CHAR (LOVELY)

3.2. if we have a lot of homework , we will tend to do it at night and the next day , we will be tired in school and teachers will be complaining that we are restless therefore , do not give us any homework in order for us to study and do well.

4. Homework can stress us out but sometimes it can be fun while solving questions as it can be challenging and new.

5. yes

6. we totally agree

7. we totally agee

8. Its a burden

9. Homework is a burden.

10. homeworks doesnt allow us to rest

11. Yes i agree that homework brings more harm than good

12. homework sucks

13. Homework makes students feel stressful.

14. homework give us alot of stress

15. Even though people says that homework helps us to study better,it only give us stress and burdens.

16. homework makes us suicide

17. Homework is a BURDEN

18. homework cause hair loss

19. However, homework helped us to get into another level. Which is getting into levels of the education etc secondary, college.

20. hey\

21. homework cause stress as we need to think of things


23. it gives me less time to fangirl about one direction ):

24. homework gives us unnecessary stress and burden as we have very limited time to do it with cca and everything that's going on after school

24.1. I know homework is important for us but don't you think that at home, we have more assignments and adding on a pile of homework is just going to make us mental.

24.1.1. homework wastes paper

25. I do not agree that homework will give us more harm as it gives us more knowledge and self-learning space to understand more.

26. i cant go out and raya with homework on my shoulders. I CANT GET MY MONEY