Radio Trailer: Treatment

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Radio Trailer: Treatment by Mind Map: Radio Trailer: Treatment

1. Trailer 1: The first trailer will be an informative trailer that informs the audience of some of the issues in the documentary that will be addressed.

1.1. Conventional style

1.2. Will convey the expository mode

1.3. Use a male voice-of-god narration for authority

1.4. Will feature extracts from interviews in the documentary

1.5. Use open ended/rhetorical questions to spark issues

1.6. Will use an energetic and dramatic backing track with sporting SFX/ Ambience.

2. Trailer 2: The second trailer will be a point of view narration from an athlete, by providing insight into his thoughts about his lifestyle and mentality before a game.

2.1. More of a poetic/participatory modes

2.2. Will be an actual athlete providing the narration

2.3. Dramatic building music with a dark/sinister undertone as pressure builds up

2.4. Sports ambience/SFX

2.5. Point of view of a beach volleyball player

2.6. Will use narration to raise all of the issues that will be covered in the documentary rather than being direct.

3. Ideas

4. Purpose

4.1. To attract audiences to the content of the documentary by arousing their interest.

4.2. To expose the documentary to a range of audiences, other than just the target audience.

4.3. To gain publicity about the documentary being broadcast

5. Audience

5.1. The audience for the two trailers will the general public, both male and female, probably between the ages of 16-65, as these are the people who are most likely to listen to the radio.

5.2. The first trailer will be focussed at the general public, who may not have as much interest in sport, and are instead more interested in the issues in society.

5.3. The second trailer will be focussed at an audience who are slightly younger (16-28), who have more of an interest in sport and may actually be athletes themselves.

6. Key Points

6.1. Must emphasise the focal issue of the effect of sport in society.

6.2. Must include ideas of majority vs. minority sport

6.3. Must communicate the Date, Time and Channel of broadcast

6.4. Should convey the mode of the documetnary

7. Logistics

7.1. I have a number of locations from which I can record the assets for the two trailers; this includes having direct access to sporting facilities (e.g. football stadiums, beach volleyball courts, gym) as well as access to athletes to narrate in the trailers.

7.2. I have roughly a time scale of 6-10 weeks to construct my two trailers which I think will be more than sufficent.

7.3. Contingency plan: If I struggle to make one of my trailers, than I will definitely have the other trailer to fall back on and use to advertise my documentary.

8. Assets

8.1. Music

8.1.1. Original backing tracks

8.1.2. Trailer 1: Energetic and dramatic pace, low tone, exciting highly engaging

8.1.3. Trailer 2: Dramatic and darker tone, slowly building up to create tension, will be complimented by SFX

8.2. SFX

8.2.1. Refereeing whistles

8.2.2. Crowd cheering

8.2.3. Ball being hit/kicked

8.2.4. Water splashing (swimming/rowing)

8.2.5. Hooligans shouting

8.2.6. Running feet

8.2.7. Basketball hitting ground

8.2.8. Deep heavy breathing

8.2.9. Weight being thrown in gym

8.2.10. Bike wheels spinning

8.2.11. Camera flash (Paparazzi)

8.2.12. Specifics for Trailer 2: Airplane (to reinforce travelling) Pen on paper (reinforce signing contracts) Glug of water (pre match hydration) Handslap

8.3. Ambience

8.3.1. Crowd cheering

8.3.2. Booing

8.3.3. Beach arena

8.3.4. Training sessions

8.3.5. Fitness testing

9. I plan on making two radio trailers in order to attract certain audiences from different backgrounds: