Utah Small Claims Process

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Utah Small Claims Process by Mind Map: Utah Small Claims  Process

1. Before the Hearing

1.1. File Documents

1.1.1. Defendant Served Defendant may file Counter Claim Plaintiff is served Either party may file motion to postpone hearing The party's reach settlement before the hearing Plaintiff files Motion to Dismiss

2. Day of the Hearing

2.1. Parties settle in mediation

2.1.1. Plaintiff files motion to dismiss

2.2. Trial goes forward and Judgment is renderred

2.3. Plaintiff does not show at the hearing

2.4. Plaintiff does not show at the hearing and there was a counter claim filed by the Defendant

2.4.1. Default Judgment in favor of the Defendant

2.5. Defendant does not show at the hearing.

2.5.1. Default Judgement in Favor of the Plaintiff

3. After You Win

3.1. Collect on Judgment

3.1.1. File for supplemental hearing Other party must be served Attend Supplemental Hearing

3.1.2. File lien against real property File Abstract of Judgement

3.1.3. Seize personal property File Writ of Execution

3.1.4. Garnish wages File employment verification File Writ of Garnishment

3.2. Do nothing

4. After You Lose

4.1. Do nothing

4.2. Block attempt to collect

4.2.1. Request for hearing to stop garnishment

4.2.2. Request for hearing to stop seizure of property

4.3. File motion to set aside Judgement

4.4. Pay off Judgment

4.5. File appeal

5. After You Collect on Your Judgement

5.1. File satisfaction of Judgment