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Leadership Summerschool Topics by Mind Map: Leadership Summerschool
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Leadership Summerschool Topics

Leadership Models and Styles

Goals in 2008 Participants will be aware of Leadership models illustrated by well known European and World leaders. They will understand the different Leadership styles and will apply this knowledge into role playing exercises. Then participants will be aware of the various decision making processes and will apply these in a case study in groups. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and exchanges Leadership experiences from their organization on a facilitated meeting basis.  

Presentation Skills

Goals 2008 Skills of effective presenting; use of teaching aids, use of the voice, structure and so on. Self-management; the ability to remain calm and composed in front of an audience. Skills to design content and visuals that will support the message in order for the audience to remember the subject after the presentation. Eventually, in groups, they will perform several times and get constructive feedback in order to apply and improve their presentation skills.    

Podium panic

Anxiety, Nervousness

Content design



SUCCES, Elevator Pitch

Story telling

Body Language

Eye contact




Visuals design

Slideology, Final Presentation


Public Speaking

Emotional Intelligence

Project Management

Goals in 2008 Participants will understand the general steps and management processes of an international project.  


Goals in 2010   Goals in 2008 Then they will be asked to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of virtual communication, and synthesize tools and practices that will diminish the communication lost.    


Goals in 2008 Participants will be aware of the importance of Facilitation as part of Leadership through a concept presentation and discussions. Participants will understand the importance of meetings management as the main Leadership skills. Participants will understand the facilitation skills and apply them through facilitation tools.  





Effective meeting

Decision making

Feedback Methodology

Goals in 2008 Participants will understand the importance of feedback in Leadership and will exercise in order to improve their methodology and attitude towards sending and receiving constructive feedback.    

Group Dynamics

Goals in 2008 Participants will be aware of group dynamics and how it influence Leadership and project management illustrated by real cases from YNGOs. Participants will understand the importance of group dynamics and team management regarding Leadership and will improve their skills in a simulation and, later on, the organization of the Organizations fair.  


Group vs Squad vs Team

Team management

Scenario set

Team development phases

Atmosphere Measurement

Belbin Team roles

Marshmallow Challenge

Chamber of Secrets

Conflict Management

Goals in 2010 - To understand why and how conflicts occur in groups; - To be able to manage conflicts for the best possible outcomes for the group and its individuals using appropriated tools and techniques; - To understand the relation motivation and conflicts management can have with previous learning blocks.


Conflicts Evolution Model

Police Crime Scene Confinement

Conflicts Resolution Strategies

Conflict Management Strategies, Dividing the money


3rd Party


Develop a process to resolve a conflict

Non Violent Communication


Goals in 2010 - To be aware of the importance of one's self-motivation; - To understand the personal drives: - To be able to synthesise this knowledge in the leadership situations they may face within their organisations in order to motivate others;   Goals in 2008/2009 Participants will be aware of the importance of self and group motivation. They will understand the relation it can have with previous learning blocks. Through personal needs models, participants will understand the personal drives and synthesize this knowledge in the leadership situations they will face.  


What motivates you in life?

Needs fulfilment

Maslow Pyramid of Needs

Robins' Human Needs

Value game

Motivational factors and tools

Self example


Self improvement



Motivation drives

Drive, Dan Pink, Intrisic Motivation, Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose, Extrinsic Motivation, Money, Power, Reputation, Carrot/stick

Group Motivation

Influencing factors, Ensure Teambuilding, Show importance of Team/Group, Make members feel important, Clarify goals, Identify progress, Acknowledge achievements

Open Space, Members' type, New members, Active members, Board members, Alumni

Mutual appreciation

Strategic Planning

Goals in 2008 Participants will be aware of Strategic Planning and its value for organizational management.  

Change Management



Personality Types

Goals in 2008 Participants will analyze and position themselves regarding the Leadership topic and discover the diversity of personality types they may have to face in their practice of Leadership. Participants will be presented some basic theory, some concepts and through two ways questioning, examples and role playing they will have the opportunity to put this information into practice and perspective.