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Time Management Topics by Mind Map: Time Management Topics
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Time Management Topics




Priority 1 - to be included into "2 hours short version"

Priority 2 - additions for full 8 hours version

Priority 3 - extra materials for advanced workshop


Romantic text about Value of time

Time is Life by Meril Douglas

Time is Life. With enough time, you can do almost anything. Without time you are finished. To spend your time is to spend your life. To waste your time is to waste your life. Time passes only once, yet many live their life as if there is the practice for the next time.

Victor Frankl's story

Romantic text "Select time"

Выбери время для работы – это цена успеха; Выбери время для раздумий – это источник силы; Выбери время для игр – это секрет молодости; Выбери время для чтения – это основа знаний; Выбери время для общения – это дверь к счастью; Выбери время для мечтаний – это путь к звездам; Выбери время для любви – это истинная радость в жизни; Выбери время для веселья – это музыка души.

What is time?

Время – ресурс Время – деньги? Время измеряется событиями Свойство времени: следующий год, день, час лежат приготовленные для вас, совершенно неиспорченные, как если бы вы не потратили бесцельно ни одного момента за свою жизнь.

Story about "Flower Girl"

Story about 3 stonecarriers

3 steps to manage your time

Set the goals

Plan your activities

Control the interruption

5 issues model

Отсутствие цели

Плохая организация работы


Плохое делегирование

Неэффективные встречи

7 Habits staff

Mission Statements

7 Habits intro

Character and Individuality

Model "Stimulus-Reaction" (proactivity)

Sharpen The Saw


Effective Writing and Reading


Методики Двойное использование времени Быстрое чтение Печать на клавиатуре Сон по Леонардо да Винчи


Time Wasters, Tips & Tricks

Telephone Interruptions Drop-In Visitors Socializing E-mail Meetings Personal Disorganization / Filing System Management by Crisis Attempting Too Much Delegation Inability to Say No Procrastination Poor Communication

30 tips

Dealing with interruptions Define who can interrupt you Let dept assistant pick up visitors Ask immediately the purpose of the visit Stand up when people come to your desk Be kind with people but rough with time Make appointment for later Make appointment in the other person’s office Sit on the corner of the desk Keep informal talks for informal moments Telephone Let somebody else pick up your phones Handle your phone calls in block  Prepare your calls Keep an eye on your clock If you have difficulties in reaching somebody, place a call back / leave a message Meetings Take into account the time of the others Make agenda and stick to the timings Send the agenda in advance Avoid interruptions If interrupted, deal with it quickly Only attend those meetings you really need to be in Preparation and organization Have a clean desk Be aware of the time you loose Make a daily TO DO list Tackle it systematically Review your planning with dept assistant Let her handle your mail / filing Handle each piece of paper once (TSI) Use optimally lost time Install a large clock on the wall Delegate Don’t perform somebody else’s job Be assertive Don’t over promise on timings Create private time

Time Management Concepts

Get Organized concept Warrior concept Goal/ABC concept Magic tool concept Go with the Flow concept

Get Organized concept

Warrior concept

Goal/ABC concept

Magic tool concept

Go with the Flow concept


Exercise "Demonstrate Interruption"

Homework results

Why your score is different from the boss"s

Exercise "Business vs Personal"

Exercise "Yesterday"

Exercise "To Do Next Week:

Exercise "Draw a Square"

Exercise "Present for Grandma"

Exercise "Cross your hands"


Video "Procrastination'

Power Of Vision Video

Video with Werner (Owls)

Pay it Forward Video

Big Rocks Video





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