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Social Media is more addictive than... by Mind Map: Social Media is
more addictive
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Social Media is more addictive than...


Interesting! What do you mean? How to avoid getting sucked into permanent attention etc.


Was ist Sucht?

Sucht Wikipedia

Is it so?


Thesis: I'm part of a social system as\ long as I have a certain level of\ information output and input!

Addiction is the result of having fear of loosing this level.

To know everything might be boring too? Or I start feeling the power to control a social system (group).

Addiction describes an uncontrolled dependancy

Analog Feedback is Not enough anymore.

Think big, act real(time). A digital network is bigger, faster and most efficient in analogy to a super brain.


The Turbo

@AV: What does that mean to you? Just some key words to trigger any thoughts...

i.e. What makes it so addictive?

What are the mechanisms of the addictiveness? (Flow Principles, general principals of addictiveness?)

The Hell

@AV: What does that mean to you? Just some key words to trigger any thoughts...

More addictive than what?


Brand eins 07/2010

Einige interessante Artikel über Netzwerke, Kooperationen etc.. Vom Cluetrain Manifest zum sozialen Netzwerk etc. \ Im Zweifel einfach zu beziehen über ipad App.

Why Technology Is So Addictive, and How You Can Avoid Tech Burnout

video games have managed to pull the dopamine trigger

Email too - Ding! Curious!

Smartphones: these tiny little multitaskers are requesting our attention wherever we go

Multitasking-Verzetteln: (checking the time) into a series of tasks you don't necessarily need to do (check email and reply)

multitasking is really just a myth. While we can act like we're doing several things at once, we're really just quickly shifting our attention between different activities.

Tip: consider interacting with one device at a time to avoid multitasking