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IBEX Project by Mind Map: IBEX Project
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IBEX Project

One Class / Group Project

Different Rewards

Program Director Silver Collar, 2 Points Extra OM and Risk Mt, End Result = 10

Project Leader White Collar, 1 Point Extra OM and Risk Mt, End Result = 9

Employees Blue Collar, End Result = 8

Different Project Groups per Class

Different Projects

Different Subjects

One Report - One Result

Class Organizes their own project

Setup of Project Organization

Establish Project Office

Establish Project Plan, Cover Page, Table of contents, Background Information, Project Limits, Objects

Establish Organogram

Aquisition Project




Run the Project

Finalize the Project

Rules of the Game

Hire and Fire USA Way

Promotion and Demotion Pollicy

Silver / White / Blue Collars

Hour Registration

Currency in ECTS and Marks


Small Project Room Thursday Permanent

Permission from CoM for Research

Alternative for fired Personel

Key Succes Factors

Briefing during Introduction Week

Pre Board Meeting Monday 21 September