women in public life

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women in public life by Mind Map: women in public life

1. women in the work force

1.1. domestic workers

1.1.1. home makeing babysand cleaning house

1.1.2. immigrint owmen thatwhere unmarried where used fordomestic labor (house cleaning)

1.2. farm women

1.2.1. fed barn animalsand colected milkand eggs in additoin tohouse hold chores

1.2.2. had not changed much from domestic work

1.3. women in industry

1.3.1. worked in factories to replace the men that went to war

1.3.2. got only haftthe ammount of money that the original men who worked the job beforer received

2. women lead reform

2.1. women in higher educatoin

2.1.1. got to colleage

2.1.2. didnthave to get married out side of high school got rights to do as they please

2.2. women in reform

2.2.1. africanamerican women make nacw

2.2.2. totake care of nurseries kindergarden classes andreading rooms

2.2.3. split at 14-15th ammendmentfor equilrights