women in public life

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women in public life by Mind Map: women in public life

1. women in the work force

1.1. farm women

1.1.1. on farms womens role didn't change cooking,and tending to livestock

1.2. women in industry

1.2.1. women had more opertunity for jobs even though mens labor unions excluded them from entry

1.3. domestic workers

1.3.1. they contributed to there familys by working for other familys they worked as cooks, maids, laundresses, scrub women

2. women lead reform

2.1. women in higher education

2.1.1. many women had started attending womens colleges many of these women still had domestic jobs

2.2. women and reform

2.2.1. uneducated workers started efforts to reform workplace health and saftey women reformers strove to improve conditions at work and home

2.3. the three part strategy for suffrage

2.3.1. first they tried to get legislature to give women the right to vote second women pursued courts to test the 14 amendment which stated all citizens have the right to vote third women pushed for a national constitutional amendment