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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Mechanical Energy

1.1. Energy associated with the motion and position of an object

1.2. Energy that involves the motion and position of something

1.3. Speeding Trains, bouncing balls

2. Chemical Energy

2.1. Energy stored in chemical bonds and breaks chemical bonds

2.2. Energy stored in chmeical's structure

2.3. Gasoline, Wood's energy

3. nuclear energy

3.1. the energy within a nuclei

3.2. uses fission reactions

3.3. sun and nuclear power plants have nuclear energy.

3.4. Generates Electricity

4. Electrical Energy

4.1. Energy assoicated with any electrical charges

4.2. Energy found in all electrical devices or systems

4.3. Flashlights, Calaculators

5. Kinetic Energy

5.1. The Energy of something in motion

5.2. Anything Moving

5.3. Someone Running, Hitting a baseball

5.4. If combined with potential energy, it becomes mechanical energy

6. Potential Energy

6.1. Energy that is stored

6.2. Stored energy that will become kinetic energy

6.3. A string stretched out, lifting a book

6.4. If combined with kinetic energy, it becomes mechanical energy

7. Thermal Energy

7.1. The total potential & kinetic energy related to the motion of a molecule

7.2. The energy of microscopic particles in an object

7.3. Molten metal, lava

8. Electromagnetic Energy

8.1. Energy that travels through space in the form of a wave

8.2. Energy that is in the form of a wave

8.3. Galaxy, X-Rays