The beginnings of industrialization

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The beginnings of industrialization by Mind Map: The beginnings of industrialization

1. Agricultural Revolution

1.1. As land owners expeirmented more with enclosures new agricultural methods began to develop and small farms gave up their property to move to the city.

1.2. Livestock breeders began to use new methods by breeding only the best animals.

2. Railroad revolution

2.1. Steam driven locamotives hauled ten tons of iron over nearly 10 miles of track. George Stephenson engineered almost 20 engines for mine operators.

2.2. Railroads revolutionalized life in Britan through creating a cheap way to transport materials and fishing products. It also created hundreds of new jobs and booster the agricultural and fishing industries.

3. Industrial Revolution

3.1. The great increased output of machine-made goods beginning in the 1700s in England.

3.2. Began when wealthy, British farm owners used improved methods to dramatically increase farming methods.

3.3. It began because England was rich in water power and coal, iron ore, rivers, and harbors. They also had factors of production which includes labor, land, and capital.

4. Improved Transportation

4.1. In 1705 coal miners began using steam-powered pumps to remove water from mine shafts.

4.2. People like James Watt used mathematics to create faster more efficient ways of transportation.

4.3. McAdam used road beds with a layer of stone drainage to make roads less muddy and quicker to move on.

4.4. Robert Fulton built a steamboat called the clermont that successfuly traveled up and down the Hudson River.