ANZAC Legend

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ANZAC Legend by Mind Map: ANZAC Legend

1. ANZAC meant Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

2. 'digger'

2.1. stereotype of a patriotic Australian family man who has temporarily become a soldier and has spent his civilian life in a rural area

3. 'digger' like qualities

3.1. the ability to remain cheerful with a good sense of humour, even in the most difficult of times

3.2. the ability to be resourceful when they had no supplies, for example by making hand grenades from empty tin cans

3.3. he spirit of mateship in which a soldier would risk his own life for his mate's

3.4. Australian courage, which was shown on the very first landing at Anzac Cove where the soldiers continued to charge up on to the beach straight into the line of Turkish fire

3.5. the notion that people all deserve the same amount of respect, no matter what their background is.

4. the legend

4.1. Australians and New Zealands

4.2. establish countries' reputation

5. The Gallipoli Campaign

5.1. Australia had only just become a federal commonwealth