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Literacy by Mind Map: Literacy
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online textbooks

social networking sites





How to teach?

Traditional content, Some content could still be delivered using traditional methods. Teachers would just need to "tweak" those methods. Kids still read! They just read email, instant messages, and texts., How do we use these methods to convey traditional subject matter?

Student driven content, Questioning, Teach students to use questions as a means to find an answer!, Critical thinking skills, Teach students to use logic to assess opinions and beliefs., Teach students to use ethics when making decisions, Teach students how to teach themselves, What is "good information'?, Where can they find it?, How can they tell the difference?


Trust teachers to use technology effectively

Freedom to use "non-traditional" learning tools in the classroom.

Allow teachers to teach in a way that will reach students where they are, Cell phones, Texting, Social Networking Sites, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter



Students should be allowed to use technology to create!

Help students synthesize new ideas in away that is comfortable for them.

Don't neglect the old ways of doing things, enhance them!

Blogs and discussion boards

Create social networking profiles for student clubs or our school

Wikis that allow students to collaborate and add to course content.

Read and write in ways that enhance critical thinking skills and students' abilities to use information.


Student focused

No desks!

Collaborative work environment

Group discussion area

Work stations or "pods" that allow students room to spread out and involve their classmates.

Multiple ways to "connect"

Fax machines

Cell phones

Internet, Skype, Students need ways to connect with people outside of their home country. We are becoming more globalized and students need the ability to talk face to face with people world wide!

Satellite TV