Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre: Windsor-Essex County

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Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre: Windsor-Essex County by Mind Map: Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre: Windsor-Essex County

1. Accessability

1.1. These programs are available through Indian Friendship Centres in Ontario. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services provides funding to the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres to provide these programs.

1.2. Classes are offered in English and Oneida

2. Vision and Goals

2.1. The Friendship Centre is driven by the desire of Aboriginal peoples within the areas of Windsor and Essex County to become a self-sufficient, self-determining, self-governing community. Historically, the Friendship Centre has been the focal point for Aboriginal peoples within the urban environment.

2.2. The Friendship Centre has sought: To remain a community, grassroots driven organization; To improve the quality of life of community members; To develop programs and services that meet community identified needs; To incorporate Aboriginal traditions, and beliefs into Centre programming; To advocate on behalf of Aboriginal people within Windsor; To remain committed to a Code of Ethics that sees all individuals as equals.

3. Programs

3.1. Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Worker Program

3.2. Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Program

3.3. Aboriginal Community Mental Health Program

3.4. Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Coordinator

3.5. Aboriginal Health Outreach Worker

3.6. Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program

3.7. Aboriginal Housing Agency

3.8. AKWE: Go Program- All of Us

3.9. Apatisiwin Program

3.10. Laity Teheta: Obtaining Status Program

3.11. Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

3.12. Wasa Nabin Program- Look Forward and Look Beyond

4. Equity & Awareness

4.1. Akwe:go and Wasa-Nabin promote healthy development in ways that respect cultural backgrounds and traditions. The programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each community. They provide: a personalized plan of action for each child and youth teachings by elders, as well as other culturally relevant programs recreational and after-school programs, where youth can get peer support and help with homework health resources referrals to community resources and agencies public awareness and community outreach through events and local agencies.

5. Contacting the Friendship Centre: CAN-AM INDIAN FRIENDSHIP CENTRE 2929 Howard Avenue Windsor ON N8X 4W4 Phone:519-253-3243 Fax:519-253-7876 E-mail:[email protected]

6. December Calendar of Events: