Alberta Social Studies Program of Studies (POS)- The Front Matter

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Alberta Social Studies Program of Studies (POS)- The Front Matter by Mind Map: Alberta Social Studies Program of Studies (POS)- The Front Matter

1. Program Vision

1.1. Helps to build sense of self

1.1.1. New node

1.1.2. New node

1.2. Emphasizes importance of diversity and respect for differences.

1.2.1. New node

1.3. Pluralisticview

1.3.1. This view recognizes that citizenship and identity are shaped by multiple factors.

2. Definition of Social Studies

2.1. Is the study of people in relation to each other and the world.

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Is issue focused.

2.3. Is integral to the process of enabling students to develop an understanding of who they are, what they want to become and the society where they want to live.

3. Social Studies: Learners and Learning

3.1. Students bring own perspectives

3.2. construct meaning through lived experience.

3.3. Infusion of current events/issues.

3.4. Arrive at decisions for public good.

3.5. Strive to have students become engaged in communities.

4. Knowledge and Understanding

4.1. Understand rights and responsibilities

4.2. Understand how knowledge of history contributes to a better understanding of contemporary realities.

4.3. Challenges and opportunities of immigration to newcomers.

4.4. Dynamic relationship with the natural environment.

5. Skills and Proceses

5.1. Active inqury

5.2. Active creative thinking

5.3. Problem solving

5.4. Historical and geographical skills

5.5. Conduct research

5.6. Communicate Ideas

6. Role of Social Studies

6.1. Active and responsible citizens

6.2. Understand the contributions of linguistic, cultural and ethnic groups of Canada.

6.3. Recognition of diversity.

6.4. Diversity as an asset.

6.4.1. Manifestations of this include:

6.4.2. First Nations, Inuit, Meitis

6.4.3. Official bilingualism

6.4.4. immigration

6.4.5. Multiculturism

6.5. Provide processes to work out differences.

6.5.1. fostering inclusiveness.

6.6. Accommodation of diversity is essential.

6.7. Social Cohesion

6.7.1. Development of relations within and among communities.

7. Values and Attributes

7.1. value diversity

7.2. honor and value traditions

7.3. demonstrate global consciousness

7.4. value life long learning

7.5. Understand limits of natural environment