Lucinda Eubanks Digital Strategy

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Lucinda Eubanks Digital Strategy by Mind Map: Lucinda Eubanks Digital Strategy

1. Teaching

1.1. Attract

1.1.1. YouTube Channel

1.2. Engage

1.2.1. Landing page: free training

1.3. Offer

1.3.1. Live group class

1.3.2. Private classes

2. Art for Sale

2.1. Attract

2.1.1. Generate leads from commissions & teaching

2.2. Engage

2.2.1. Schedule studio tour

2.3. Offer

2.3.1. automate follow up

3. Commissions

3.1. Attract

3.1.1. Generate leads from classes

3.1.2. Paint for local charity events (auction piece)

3.2. Engage

3.2.1. Complimentary Consultation Signup

3.3. Offer

3.3.1. Complimentary Consultation Consultation form Schedule a consultation

4. Marketing Mindset

4.1. Understand the language of your niche

4.2. Content should tell the story of your journey and paint a picture of how they can come along.

4.3. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

5. Target Market Research

5.1. John Poppy

5.2. Robert Rudelic