David Vs GOliath

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David Vs GOliath by Mind Map: David Vs GOliath

1. Goliath is unconscious from impact

1.1. David cuts his head off

2. You've probably heard the Phrase "David v's Goliath"

2.1. But do you really know the story as to why David Won the fight?

3. Let me tell you the story

3.1. Battle of Philistines and Israelites

4. The Israelites and Philistines decide to settle the battle by

4.1. doing a 1 on 1 battle

4.1.1. Both sides have to send their elite warrior

5. Philistines send Goliath

5.1. 6'9 Giant

5.2. Covered in armor

5.3. Strong and Powerful

6. Israelites don't have anyone who can match Goliath

7. A young shepherd boy stands up

7.1. Name is David

7.2. Tell the King Saul

7.3. I will fight him

7.4. King offers him armor and weapons

7.4.1. David declines

7.4.2. They are of use to me

8. David runs into the valley where Goliath is waiting eagerly for him

8.1. He is whipping around his sling shot faster and faster as he runs towards goliath

8.1.1. Loaded with a stone the size of small orange

8.2. When he is 35 meters away from Goliath

8.2.1. He slings the stone at Goliath

8.2.2. Stone hits Goliath in his head at the speed of 125 KMph or 80 mph Fractures skull

9. 3 LEssons

9.1. There is Disadvantage in Advantage

9.1.1. Goliath is a giant covered in armor Can not move quickly Probably has Growth hormone problem Cant see long distance

9.2. There is advantage in disadvantage

9.2.1. David is small Moves fast Takes him by surprise

9.2.2. He is a shepherd not a warrior A really good marksman with his sling because that's what he does Kills wild animals with it

9.3. Change the game to play to your advantages

9.3.1. David played his game Of Slingshots Not Goliath's game of swords and sheaths and armor Not close combat

9.3.2. David played by his rules Slung the shot even before Goliath knew who was coming at him