Socratic Dialogue

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Socratic Dialogue by Mind Map: Socratic Dialogue

1. E: Holiness vs. Unholiness

1.1. S. What's holy and unholy?

1.1.1. E: Holy is what is loved by the gods, unholy is what is unloved by the gods. S: Which comes first? Holiness or being loved by the gods? E: The gods are in favor of justice. S: Don't gods disagree/agree?

2. Thrasymachus & Socrates

2.1. S: What is Justice?

2.1.1. T: Interest of the stronger(advantageous to the stronger)

2.2. S: [(Contradiction) So what if man reasons wrong(makes a bad law)?] Citizens obey their rulers, and sometimes the laws that the rulers create are mistakes, is it not?

2.2.1. T: "Yes" S: (Conclusion) Citizens obeying the laws will actually be unjust if it is in the case that the law was created from poor reasoning, so therefore, obeying the laws will result in the opposite: merit to the non-advantageous interest(not interest of the stronger)=unjust, injustice.

2.3. S: What does stronger mean?

2.3.1. T: In each nation, the ruling party is the strongest, and therefore, they make laws their own laws to their advantage. Afterwards, justice is established as "obeying the law", and violating the law would be unjust. (This is the case, "if the ruler reasons correctly.")