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Storyboards by Mind Map: Storyboards

1. Enhance Learning

1.1. Students have the opportunity to create story boards based on the topic covered in class.

1.1.1. I am using it with my 9th grade class who just completed Romeo and Juliet. Students will be working in pairs to re-create an assigned Act and will then present to the class. I really love this! I think that this allows for group work and collaboration, while giving students a creative outlet to effectively understand and analyze different texts! - J. Wisniewski

1.1.2. This sounds like a great tool for older kids to use as a way of collaborative learning. It seems a little complicated for younger students to use. However, I think they would enjoy looking at a storyboard that was already made. -L. Corso Or - it could be used for differentiation - students that need a challenge could use this and share it with others/to teach others - Dr. Fritz

1.2. Storyboards can consist of short movies, summaries, vocabulary, plot diagrams, character maps, and symbolism.

1.2.1. This is a great selection! W.Kerr

1.3. Has an extensive image library, making it easy for students to create their individual storyboard, without taking up a tremendous amount of time.

1.4. Students will strengthen communication skills by presenting what they have created.

1.4.1. By presenting their story board to their class, students will also be able to effectively take ownership of their work! -J. Wisniewski

2. Details of product

2.1. Create two per week for free. Options to upgrade.

2.2. Presentation Ready

2.2.1. One click live slide shows.

2.2.2. Export to Power Point I like that it exports to power point because I think most of the educational tools I have learned about work independently! M. Krotz

2.3. Can immediately start creating

2.4. This seems like a really good product to use in conjunction with lessons. W. Kerr

2.5. Do you need to create an account? If so, is there an age requirement to create one? -L. Corso

2.5.1. You do need to create an account using an email address if you are saving work. Students can then log in and pick up where they left off. There are some limitations with the free version, but there are still great options. My students are having so much fun with it! Andrea Santella

3. URL


4. Integration

4.1. Fun, interactive learning tool for any age.

4.2. Great for subjects like English, History, and Foreign Languages.

4.2.1. I think this could be a great tool for a social studies lesson. There are a lot of important dates and people used in social studies. -L. Corso

4.3. A creative, and possibly collaborative, activity for the end of lesson/unit summaries.

4.3.1. I love the idea of using this for collaborative learning! It is easy to use, and I think older kids would really enjoy using this tool for presentations. -L. Corso