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Topic by Mind Map: Topic

1. News

1.1. This page will give you information about new products that will be sold

1.1.1. A screencast will be used in the news page to help visitors understand my products, how to order, or how to contact me for more information

2. Order

2.1. This page will allow customers to place orders through my website

2.1.1. I will use a google form to collect information regarding the orders

3. Products

3.1. The products section will have pictures of what customers can order and descriptions of all the products being sold

3.1.1. A video will be on this page as a promo for my products

4. Gallery

4.1. This page will be an inspiration page, where customers will get to see certain trends that are popular right now

4.1.1. An App prototype will be available to help showcase my products

5. The purpose of my website:

6. Contact

6.1. This page will have all the information the viewers will need if they would like to contact me

6.1.1. My social media information will be available on this page for customers to contact we easier and get more information on my business

7. About

7.1. The about section gives an overview of me and explains what products I sell

7.1.1. This page will contain infographics of the many products being sold

8. Home

8.1. The home page gives information about what my website is about, and what products I am selling

8.1.1. The home page will have my logo on it as well as a QR code which will make it easier for visitors to view my website on their phones