Life Spam-stages

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Life Spam-stages by Mind Map: Life Spam-stages

1. Social learning takes place as infants observe and then model the behavior of their parents.

2. The more interaction given to an infant correlaes with developmental peer relations with significant amount of positive interaction, the more of the posotive relationships will be

3. infancy

3.1. Peer relation start as young as Infancy

4. Early Childhood

4.1. During this stage children start to choose who they want to be friends with , and have control of emotions and be aware of others.

4.1.1. Social learnng theory comes around, this theory predicts that a child learns to care for others based on parental care recieved

4.2. the more outgoing and outspoken=leaders of play groups

4.3. This video shows some of the types of play and the differences between how grls and boys play

5. Peers are the most important socializing figures in a persons life. At this age people begin cross-gender relationships and romatic relationships begin to form

6. Middle School

6.1. During this stage there is more interaction with peers.

6.1.1. Which can somethimes produce conflct and cause seious problems if not resolve in healthier model Researh shows that at first children will use their own skill, but soon begin to use their peer strategies Children in this age group have the ability to use a more advanced skills , including compromise& withdrawls but rarely do!

7. Adolescence

7.1. Who Am I?

7.2. Need to seperate

7.2.1. feel a strong need to seperate themselves from their families and identify more with their friends parents see their children showing less overt signs of love and more disputes over trival events.