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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle

1. Teleological system?

1.1. Material Cause: the material from which things are made of

1.1.1. Formal Cause: the shape or formating things must take Efficient Cause: the actual force used to make things Final Cause:what is the ultimate purpose of the thing

2. Basic Biology

2.1. it is in our nature(does nothing by chance) to wonder and want to know.

2.1.1. to understand and problem solve in the world we must use our senses. New node

3. How do our senses differ from other animals?

3.1. We have the intelligence to problem solve...but also to REASON.

3.1.1. This helps us to understand universal concepts of the world.

4. How does Aristotle differ from Plato and Socrates?

4.1. he is a scientific and practical thinker...known as the common sense phylosopher

4.1.1. He believes in the world of forms everything we understand has to be tangable He creates and applies a scientific model to philosophical investigation New node