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How to Measure Anything by Mind Map: How to Measure Anything
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How to Measure Anything

The Illusion of Intangibles: Why Immeasurables Aren't (Ch. 3)

Reasons people think something CAN'T be measured (don't understand...)

Common reasons why something SHOULDN'T be measured

Toward a Universal Approach to Measurement

Measurement: The Solution Exists (I)

Intuitive Measurement Habit

Intangibles and the Challenge

Before You Measure (II)

Clarifying the Measurement Problem (Ch. 4)

Calibrated Estimates: How Much Do You Know Now? (Ch. 5)

Measuring Risk: Introduction to the Monte Carlo Simulation (Ch. 6)

Measuring the Value of Information (Ch. 7)

Measurment Methods (III)

The Transition: From What to How

Sampling Reality: How Observing Some Things Tells Us about All Things

Bayes: Adding to What You Know Now

Beyond the Basics (IV)

Preference and Attitudes: The Softer Side of Measurement

The Ultimate Measurement Instrument: Human Judges

New Measurement Instruments for Management

A Universal Measurement Method: Applied Information Economics


Calibration Tests

Important References

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Book Information

Title: How to Measure Anything

Subtitle: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business

Author: Douglas W. Hubbard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-470-11012-6

ISBN: 0470110120