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ENTJ (The Executive) by Mind Map: ENTJ (The Executive)
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ENTJ (The Executive)


Instrumental Motivation

Motivation is a key aspect in life. In my personal case I would explain my motivation mainly instrumental, without leaving apart integrative motivation in certain specific cases, due to the effort I make to become a better professional, as well as becoming more recognized in my field of expertise.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is evident when people engage in an activity for its own sake, without some obvious external incentive present. A hobby is a typical example. It was previously thought that...


N: from the personalities description in Brown's one of the aspects describing intuition features. I would agree as an aspect of motivation in me is the actual perception of seeing most of challenges in my life possible and achievable. That feeling moves forward to do harder in order to achieve my objectives.


N: one of those traits I can actually perceive in me with certain ease. I have to say under certain conditions being imaginative and creative is such a challenge, but most of the times I can come up with really interesting and helpful ideas.



T: the construction of a strong criterion, I think, depends a lot on the level of self-esteem one can have. Confidence and knowledge I consider are strongly liked to both aspects, at least I what I use to construct a strong self-esteem.


T: I wonder how firm do I really have to be, not to become stubborn and keep flexibility. I consider the level of firmness depends on the level of conviction and knowledge I might have. I actually am firm when I am sure about something, but do my best to be flexible enough to receive what other people around my want to contribute with.


N: considering how possible challenges are provides a high self-esteem level in which I can picture myself achieving my personal objectives and increasing the motivation to work.

Willingness to Communicate


E: when reading the descriptions provided and doing the test I could see a portrait of myself in many different features explained. On e of these was the fact of becoming highly social. I do not think it is hard to perceive when taking into account my personality in the classroom.


E: an aspect of my professional practice I really enjoy and is highly attached to the motivation in me is the interaction with students. It is really interesting how I can see myself learning a lot from the learners when I open my mind to different aspects rather than just academic in which I might be stronger.

Risk Taking


J: really important as I see it when leaving fears apart and making the efforts to take risks. If I do not build decision making in me I would never be able to stand up and take the risks posed. It is a matter of confidence and decision as I see it.

Decision Making

J: to make the right choices. And that is another aspect I perceive in me. I can say most of my decisions are pretty conscious. I hardly do things by instinct and I consider that is why I can feel right when taking risks, because my degree of confidence based on the decisions made is stronger.