Cellular Energy

Use this mind-map to start your own concept map about Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration. Use the word bank provided in class to show your ability to synthesize the main ideas behind cellular energy, and to review these concepts ahead of our test on Friday. You should submit a link to your completed mind-map on canvas to receive credit for this assignment.

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Cellular Energy by Mind Map: Cellular Energy

1. Kreb's cycle (Aerobic)

1.1. Enzymes

1.1.1. Electron carrier FAD+ NAD+

1.2. Pyruvate

1.2.1. Productss per pyruvate High energy electrons 4 NADH 1 FADH2 1 ATP

2. Glycolysis (Anaerobic)

2.1. Cytoplasm

2.1.1. 6C-Glucose 3C-Pyruvate ATP 3C-Pyruvate ATP

3. Electron transport chain (Aerobic)

3.1. ATP Synthase

3.1.1. H+

3.1.2. ATP

3.1.3. H2O

3.1.4. Oxygen

3.1.5. FADH2

3.1.6. NADH

4. Cellular Respiration

4.1. Takes place in

4.1.1. Cytoplasm

4.1.2. Mitochondria Cristae Intermembrane space ADP Matrix

4.2. Carbon Dioxide

5. Anaerobic

5.1. Alcohol

5.2. Lactic Acid

5.3. Fermentation

6. Photosynthesis

6.1. Requires

6.1.1. Carbon Dioxide

6.1.2. Water

6.1.3. Sunlight energy Light Energy Light-dependent reactions Leaf Structure High energy electrons Stroma