RWL 514: Video Map

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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RWL 514: Video Map by Mind Map: RWL 514: Video Map

1. Techniques

1.1. Modeling

1.2. Choral Responses

1.3. Asking stimulating questions & Listening Carefully

1.4. Write to advocate for a change

2. Writing with Meaning

2.1. Communities

2.2. Family

2.3. "About Me"

2.3.1. Write about what they think or know about

2.4. Staying Positive

2.5. Get students thinking critically

3. Respect

3.1. Culturally; historically and modern life

3.2. For and By Individuals

3.3. Diversity of the Students

3.4. Ownership of their own writing= respect for themselves

4. Media

4.1. Think and Communicate about Pop. Culture Issues

4.2. Integrate Song Lyrics, Videos, and other media in their work

5. Write to Learn

5.1. Think about realistic issues

5.2. Express themselves

5.3. Stimulate Thinking

6. Teachers

6.1. Promote Curiosity

6.2. Enhance creativity and discovery

7. Learn About Writing

7.1. There is no "right" way to write

7.2. Intelligent and Informed Choices

7.3. Purpose, audience, content, and preference

8. Curiosity

8.1. FQI

8.2. Autobiography Project

8.3. Meaningful to Student