English Language Learning Programs

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English Language Learning Programs by Mind Map: English Language Learning Programs

1. English Immersion

1.1. Structured English Immersion (SEI)

1.1.1. Structured English Immersion (SEI) is a type of program designed to make learning English the number one priority for English Language Leaners (ELLs) at school.

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. Teach English in the fastest way possible Pro: English is learned rapidly Con: Hours are taken away from other subjects to focus only on English Language

1.3. Teaching Strategies

1.3.1. The most successful SEI programs have found that teaching students in small groups is the most effective. Content is not the main purpose of these programs but it can be incorporated. Most of the teacher's responsibility will be teaching core English Langues concepts.

1.3.2. When teaching content subjects keep in mind that not only the vocabulary needs to be simplified, but the overall sentence structure as well. Concepts such as cause and effect need to be carefully and meticulously explained and demonstrated in order for students to understand.

2. Bilingual

2.1. Dual Language Programs

2.1.1. Dual language programs are designed to develop ELL and native English speakers’ proficiency in two languages. Objective Learn English while maintaining a native language and cultural connection Another reason for dual language programs is to teach native English speakers a second language. This is particularly useful in places like Canada where students learn both English and French.

2.1.2. Teaching Strategies Something to keep in mind when teaching a dual language program is how to distribute the material. Since most students will be using English as their primary academic language, select academic topics to be taught in English.

2.1.3. Note: In order to teach in this program, you must be bilingual or teach with a co-teacher.

2.2. Transitional Bilingual Programs

2.2.1. Transitional bilingual programs are aimed at building students’ academic English proficiencies to the point at which they no longer require instruction in their native languages. Objective Transition students from learning in their native language to learning using only English.

2.2.2. Teaching Strategies Students typically follow these programs for 2 to 6 years. Throughout this time period, the teacher should modify the amount of English that is being used for instruction. Generally, in the beginning, your class should have a 50-50 distribution of English and the native language. As the program progresses, so should the proportion of English.

2.2.3. Note: In order to teach in this program, you must be bilingual or teach with a co-teacher.