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1. It comes before words beginning with a vowel or an "H" dumb.

2. A

3. AN

4. Rule

4.1. It is used before words used with consonants and vowels pronounced (J) or (w) in singular.

5. Application examples

5.1. A beer

5.2. A book

5.3. A car

6. To refer to others

6.1. A sister called this morning to the church

6.2. A guy said he would come to my house

7. To describe anything or persons

7.1. He's a doctor

7.2. I am a student

7.3. He is a happy child

8. To ask anything

8.1. Want a coffee?

8.2. What happens if a dog chasing you?

8.3. Do you want a chocolate?

9. Exceptions

10. Reglas

10.1. Nouns beginning with UR require EU or the indefinite article A.

11. Example

11.1. EU

11.1.1. A eucalyptus tree

11.1.2. A european

11.1.3. A euro

11.2. UR

11.2.1. A uretic infection

11.2.2. A uranium

11.2.3. A urologist

12. Nouns and adjectives beginning with UNI also take the indefinite article A.

13. Example

13.1. A uniform

13.2. A university

14. When a noun begins with an "H" sucked, you have to use the indefinite article A.

15. Aspirate

16. Example

16.1. A helicopter

16.2. A hat

16.3. A house

17. Rule

18. Application examples

18.1. An egg

18.2. An elephant

19. It can be used to refer to others

19.1. My uncle is an engineer

19.2. My sister has an elephant

19.3. My parents have an idea

20. To describe anything

20.1. Those is an important call

21. Exceptions

22. Non-aspirating

23. Examples

23.1. An herb

23.2. An honor

23.3. An honestma

23.4. An hour

24. Not used A / AN

25. Rule

25.1. We can not use names or nouns that are written in plural and mean UNO.

26. Overall we can realize these indefinite articles mean the same, they are only used for different names or nouns.

27. Rule

27.1. It is silent and does not add to the pronunciation of the noun