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Emily Lopota by Mind Map: Emily Lopota

1. Important Dates

1.1. My Anniversary; I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 and a half years now, we started dating on November 15th

1.2. Graduation; I plan to graduate from UCF with some type of degree hopefully in 2017. But I graduated high school on June 3rd, 2013.

1.3. My Birthday; I was born May 27th, 1995! It was an awesome day, I was born at home in my dad's house an I think that is pretty cool of me.

2. Childhood

2.1. My parents; When I was 2 years old my parents divorced and my sister and I grew closer after that.

2.2. My pets; I've had pigs, goats, and of course cats and dogs. It all started when my sister joined FFA and since then my dad has been really committed to making the Lopota Farm.

2.3. My Best Friend; My neighbor Richie was born 3 months after me and our mom's were best friends so naturally we had to be best friends and we were. We spent almost everyday of our childhoods together.

3. Personal Interests

3.1. Travel; In the last two years I have traveled to Colorado twice, Arizona, and Texas. I love traveling, plane rides not so much but it's great and really fun!

3.2. Photography; Since high school I have loved photography and I have been making it a small business for portrait and promotional means.

3.3. Art; Since I was young I was always very keen on art and able to draw almost anything. My mom was an artist and she helped me a lot and my dad always encouraged me to never stop drawing and to go as far as I can with my art.

4. Family

4.1. My Niblings (Nephew and Neice); My sister has two children, Preston and Beate and they are the light of my life I can't imagine it without them.

4.2. My Sister; Nikole is my longest running best friend and she has always been there for me. I love her

4.3. My Parents (Pt. 2); My parents were split when I was young so I had two different rooms all the time and I moved around a lot. They tried really hard tho but I think it could've been a better family situation.

5. Education

5.1. Elementary School; I excelled in art and music, and my favorite grade was fifth because it was the last. And my teacher was awesome, Mr. Vega was the chillest teacher that walked the halls of Avalon.

5.2. Middle School; I hated middle school. It was probably the worst. I was made fun of a lot but I kept with my drawings and just stayed by my close friends then. I was kinda goth.

5.3. High School; I actually kinda liked high school, but hated AP classes. I was an art star at East River High and I loved yearbook. That's actually how I got into photography!