Beyond Command

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Beyond Command by Mind Map: Beyond Command

1. Customization

1.1. Code Name

1.1.1. When the player is play with another player online or offline when they talk a name will come up to show how is talking and you will be able to change your own code name. This is to meant to be like a nick name.

1.2. Buying

1.2.1. You will have to buy some stuf you will be given money for completing a dialy challenge or a task that someone has sent you to do or you distroy a vilage or town or city because they will not join you army you will stealling money or they will pay you to go away or if you are priminister of a counrty you can up tax an have the money. wolketalke you will have a walketoke and you will be able to change the sound levels so the enamie near you will not be able to hear the player and not give of there pasition. You will be able to buy newer, moderner wolketokes. Caricature Camouflages Being deployed You will be able to chose how you are deployed as in you can be deployed in by parashouting in or you can be driven in or can sneak by foot. Weapons You will be able to change your weapon colour (camo's). Sight Night vision

2. Sound

2.1. Everything will have sound Weapons, Caricature, Vehicles

3. MAP

3.1. There will be loads of maps they will all be one but you will have to go across the sea to get to them you will be given a map and you will pick were you want to go and then it will load up.

3.2. You will start on a island and you will have to go around the world trying to bild up your army by recruting people.

4. Things to do.

4.1. Then you are trying to recrute people you will have to offer people in the game stuf for them to join the army or if they are trying to acheve the same goal they will join (If the person and you wants someone dead he would join there army to help you). You will try to build your way up in politics and try and take over the world and other countrys mite start a war with you.

5. Online

5.1. multiplayer

5.1.1. co-op You will be able to invite your friends and play online togeather and this will make it more fun and competative to play.

5.1.2. Competitive The player will be able to play a one v one agianest other players or chalange your friends or players you lost againest in the past.

5.1.3. You will be able to get points when you kill someone but you will get loads of points if your team wins the game.

5.2. campaign

5.2.1. co-op You can play campaign with your friends and they can help you beat the campaign.

5.3. Leaderboards

5.3.1. This will make the game more competative and make the game more competive an people will want to play it more to get higher in the leaderboards and beat the friends score.

5.4. Challenges

5.4.1. There will be daily challenges to complete this will make the players play more because they will want to complete the challenges because you will get points when you complete the challenges and it gives the player some thing to do.

6. Weapons

6.1. Assault rifles

6.1.1. Ak47

6.1.2. M16

6.1.3. XM8

6.2. Sniper rifles

6.2.1. Barrett 50 cal

6.2.2. TSD SD96

6.2.3. M24

6.2.4. GOL

6.2.5. T88S

6.3. Sub machine guns

6.3.1. P90

6.3.2. UMP

6.3.3. 74U

6.3.4. MP40

6.3.5. MP5

6.4. Light machine guns

6.4.1. FN Minimi SPW

6.4.2. New node

6.5. Grenades

6.5.1. EMP If it goes off near your you it will destroy all you electrical equipment.

6.5.2. Frag This will damage you or kill you.

6.6. Pistol

6.6.1. desert eagle

6.6.2. CZ 75B

6.7. Attachments

6.7.1. silencer This will make it so your enemies unable to hear you.

6.7.2. Light This will help you see in the dark.

7. Vehicle

7.1. Sky

7.2. Land

7.2.1. Tanks M1

7.3. Water

8. 3D

8.1. This game will be 3D.

9. FPS and Omnipresence

9.1. You will be able to controle your army (In omnipresence mode) and you will be able to selected the highest ranked carictores and play as them (In FPS mode).

10. Offline

10.1. Campaign

10.1.1. co-op you will be able to play split screen with another person on your consel.

10.1.2. You will be able to play campaign but you will not be able to do as much as players with online.